What is Rudy Day ? .....

I've always enjoyed Christmas. The decorations, the flurry and, of course, the real meaning but always felt let down on December 26. It was all over in a flash. All the planning and doing was gone in a minute. Finally I found the OC ...not the tv show but the Organized Christmas website which led to the Magical Holiday Home Forum. I don't even know how I found it but I did. And they had this wonderful thing called Rudolph Day....Rudy Day to most of us.....that lets you think, plan, dream about Christmas at least once a month on the 25th. And the best thing was I found more people out there just like me ! Crazy about all things Christmas. Well, almost obsessive. But to my family and friends that think I'm nuts half the time, I just want you to know there is no cure for it so don't try to find one. I wouldn't want the cure if you could find one anyway.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trying To Catch Up.....

With Rudy Day just a few days away, I really need to start kicking it into high gear. With the big birthday bash behind me now, I can really start getting some things marked off my list. Dear Hubby and I are going to Boone for a much needed break so I will be on the road Rudy Day.  And he will be with me!  Two months in a row spending Rudy Day with Dear Hubby!  Can he stand it?!  Can I?!

I will be taking my Christmas Notebook with me.  I have a few decorating dilemas that I have to figure out before all the boxes come out of the attic.

First is this area.....

Since The Wild One moved back home, some of my things from my sewing room had to be moved into different places in the house.  I now have my button collection up on this computer cabinet along with my nesting boxes I made since last Christmas.  I can fit the feather tree up there again but not the wagon so I have to find a new place for it.

And since last year, I have repainted this cabinet to have a red beadboard instead of white.  I am guessing the red accents won't stand out as much as last year so I need to find/make some white or cream accents.  Another excuse to hit the Hobby Lobby!  Maybe I could put all my snowmen here together. Here is what it looks like now.

I also have gotten rid of this table since last year so I need to find another place for my wool table runner.  This was a sofa table that was behind our loveseat.  We gave away the loveseat so we could fit a wingback chair (mine) and a reclining leather chair (Dear Hubby's) in the living room.


And the biggest adjustment will be to accomodate the new boys and their wild tails!  I don't know how they will react to a Christmas tree.  When they get started wrestling with each other, they can be so much fun to watch ....... as long as you stay out of their way.  Our dog fence is 80% complete.  I hope letting them run in the yard will help them burn off some energy so they won't want to wrestle in the house anymore! 

So far the fall decorations that I put out have survived.  I haven't put all of them out and don't know if I will.  One of my couch pillows has been eaten and a few other things have been carried around until they saw me coming. 

Think they will grow out of it in the next month!?

Blessings, Cathi