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I've always enjoyed Christmas. The decorations, the flurry and, of course, the real meaning but always felt let down on December 26. It was all over in a flash. All the planning and doing was gone in a minute. Finally I found the OC ...not the tv show but the Organized Christmas website which led to the Magical Holiday Home Forum. I don't even know how I found it but I did. And they had this wonderful thing called Rudolph Day....Rudy Day to most of us.....that lets you think, plan, dream about Christmas at least once a month on the 25th. And the best thing was I found more people out there just like me ! Crazy about all things Christmas. Well, almost obsessive. But to my family and friends that think I'm nuts half the time, I just want you to know there is no cure for it so don't try to find one. I wouldn't want the cure if you could find one anyway.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas and my Christmas notebook.....

Thought I'd give you an update on the Christmas notebook that I made to keep in the car with me. (Click here for the original post) It is in the car with me and I have all the pages labeled. This year I am doing things a little different with the gifts. Can't give too much info because both my daughters know about this blog! How often they check it is something else. This year, in addition to the regular gifts (which has been cut back due to economic stuff), I am doing the 12 Days of Christmas for each of my kids and Dear Hubby. Each day from Christmas to Epiphany, they will each get a small gift bag with a treat in it. Some days will be bigger than others but each gift has to fit in a white paper lunch bag. I am NOT tying each gift to any symbolic meanings.....that requires too much thinking on my part. But I will put a note in each one explaining some historical meaning to each day. Found some good stuff on the internet.
Back to the notebook. Boy, has the notebook made it easier to keep up with the 12 days gifts. There are 4 kids (DD that is married is sharing her gifts with her hubby.... in case she reads this) and Dear Hubby. So that is 60 gifts to keep up with. The girls are so easy to shop for. Two boys, 19 and 24, not so much. The big thing I have to remember is cost. Even at $1.00 each, that's 60 bucks. And I don't want everything from the dollar store.
Other pages in my book are:
  • A master shopping list
  • Gift page for each person
  • Decoration page (as I see something I like, write a note as to where and price)

There are enough pages in this book to last me several years. Project for January......put tabs in the book.

Blessings, Cathi

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The Old Parsonage said...

It really is coming fast! Good thing we are soooo organized?!